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  1. Joey M

    Dec 28. 2015

    Please tell me Michael Bierut is Lebanese

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    • AJ Ace A-N

      Oct 08. 2016

      Probably Jewish.

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    • Sarah Benton

      Jan 21. 2017

      AJ Ace A-N facepalm

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    • Secret Touches

      Jun 03. 2017

      missisfreddiemercury kifak??
      Ana men lobnen and i am proud of you passing by but the question is eno shu 3am te3mel hwn ???😂😂🐸 are you a graphic designer ??

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  2. Autymn Maas

    Oct 10. 2016

    good on Nike for paying her more later.

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    • joenasjo

      Feb 05. 2017

      it would be the same with ny other logo

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    • Autymn Maas

      Feb 06. 2017

      Try. But they didn’t HAVE to give her more later.

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    • Jordan Reid

      Feb 07. 2017

      Autymn Maas I don’t ever buy Nike because I like the logo it’s the status I used to pay for
      You had to have Nike or adidas when I was growing up to fit in ( sad but true )
      Yes it’s good of them to give her more money now but logos can always change (doubt this will) but the brand will still be the same, it’s all marketing with Nike

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    • zoobloo

      Mar 07. 2017

      Um yeah, good on nike for using sweatshops for their clothes..

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    • K Ace

      Jul 05. 2017

      Judging by the quiver of her hands, I believe she was quite ecstatic.

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  3. 451asians

    Nov 24. 2016

    i was watching in full screen and my mom walked in on me when the swastika was on screen lmao

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    • Aakanksha Akhoury

      Jun 24. 2017

      Fun Fact: The clockwise swastika is actually a religious symbol for Hindus and is something you’ll find (pictures, paintings or sculptures) in a lot of Indian homes. Unfortunately, it’s highly stigmatised in the Western media and society due to its association with Nazism but is actually a sacred symbol in many East Asian countries.

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    • grei

      Jun 24. 2017

      Aakanksha Akhoury
      i think it was also sometimes used as a simple decoration/pattern – i’ve seen it on plates, walls and other stuff in Poland. it just wasn’t associated with something bad in the past.

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    • Mehmet Sahin

      Jul 10. 2017

      its also a Turkic Symbol too, of Tengrism

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  4. Andrew GTB

    Dec 01. 2016

    Hillar’s logo was good, but her slogan left much to be desired. “Stronger Together” is weak compared to “Make America Great Again”. You pour meaning into what “Great” means for America.

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    • Rick David

      Dec 26. 2016

      But the stronger together message is powerful too, America feels too divided and we’re all stronger together as one nation. Both slogans target groups that feel oppressed and eventually the MAGA slogan was the more famous and known.

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    • 011azr

      Jan 07. 2017

      I don’t think it’s weak though.

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    • thelrgend27 boi

      Jul 02. 2017

      Rick David it’s kinda contradictory too… Hillary wants to let in Syrian refugees, thus making us more “divided”, even though we aren’t at all right now.

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    Feb 11. 2017

    a woman created the nike logo? AWESOME

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  6. RobotHorseAaron

    Feb 16. 2017

    does anybody like my logo??

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  7. Macdonald Ezekwe

    May 31. 2017

    Cinematic Orchestra – Flite is the music at the end for those wondering

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  8. Soren Schrag

    Jun 01. 2017

    I started cracking up when the flashed the United Airlines logo

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  9. Krish Karanjawala

    Jun 06. 2017

    The designer of twitter’s logo was paid 15$ 😅

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  10. The Assassin

    Jun 26. 2017

    is naik pronounced naik e ?

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  11. FlapJack Panckakeeelelellelelelelekkeekeke

    Jun 29. 2017

    What makes a truly good logo? Isn’t it supposed to be “What truly makes a good logo”?

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  12. Ezra GFX

    Jul 04. 2017

    At the end, they paid her $35. Ridiculous!

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  13. daniel bueno

    Jul 04. 2017

    an undisclosed amount of nike shares :”woooow….”

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  14. Nova Don Ken

    Jul 07. 2017

    The 2nd song to play on this video is called “Flite – The Cinematic Orchestra” just in case anyone was wondering…

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  15. The Spanish Mane

    Jul 09. 2017

    That was Pakistan’s flag there. It was derived from the Ottoman’s and Delhi Sultanate’s flags.

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  16. Canny Rhymez

    Jul 10. 2017

    I wonder how much them share are worth today? 😀

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  17. Audax

    Jul 11. 2017

    I liked it until I saw a Hillary logo 😂

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  18. Giradox

    Jul 12. 2017

    Vox has way too big of a signature. Heathens!

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  19. Totally Toastly

    Jul 13. 2017

    0:13 When the guy started googling I was thinking that he was gonna Google what quafenberry inbivilant means

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  20. Mad-Cyantist

    Jul 13. 2017

    I Love The Logo System. I Always Use This System Every Time I’m Branding.

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