The Fastest Way to Grow Your Younique Business: Younique Presenter Marketing Tips

The Fastest Method to Grow Your Younique Service: Younique Speaker Marketing Tips

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Younique marekting suggestions: The fastest way to grow your younique company.

These concepts will assist you grow your younique service much faster, simpler, and more effectively for the long term.

Carry out these principles in your marketing efforts and never ever struggle in your business once again.

The key to being successful in younique direct sales is to develop yourself as a specialist in your industry.

When people see you as a professional, they will naturally want to purchase from you.

Supplying your prospects with answers to their concerns, advice, and teaching them brand-new things is the best way to develop yourself as a specialist.

View the next video for more information about how you can do that.

Discover how to develop yourself as a professional and market your Younique business on google plus.

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Samantha Studebaker-Carl

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27 Responses to “The Fastest Way to Grow Your Younique Business: Younique Presenter Marketing Tips”

  1. Linda Palmer

    Jul 18. 2014

    this is dead on Sam. We totally agree. excellent video! We are also doing Avon and you know our history and what we know how to do. Within about 45 minutes of marketing ourselves, (not just the brand)..we were able to connect with 75 people and resulted in sales. People know about the product just not us, so we are branding ourselves along with the product. 

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  2. Todd Treharne

    Sep 13. 2014

    If you are serious about growing your business, I highly encourage you to watch these tips from #youniquepresenters  

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  3. Samantha Studebaker Carl

    Dec 28. 2014

    *Younique Presenter – Quit making things more difficult than necessary*.  Did you know that marketing your Younique business can be as easy as simply sharing the things you love on google plus? 

    If you want to be successful selling Younique products, you need only become good at posting the right kind of content to attract people that will want to buy from you. 

    Watch this video to learn how sharing stuff you’re passionate about can turn into more Younique beauty sales! 

    After you watch, continue to Part 2 – Marketing Tools for Younique Presenters

    Have questions or want advice? 
    Comment below… I’m happy to help!

    #youniquepresenter   #younique   #marketingtips  

    p.s. Want to learn how to master google plus marketing? 
    Buy my course on sale… 

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  4. Eartha Baca

    Jan 23. 2015

    Thank you.  That was awesome advice!!

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    • Samantha Studebaker Carl

      Jan 23. 2015

      You’re welcome +Eartha Baca glad you found it helpful!

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  5. Melanny Giron

    Apr 21. 2015

    I do contest every 10 days with any purchase

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  6. Brendan Mace

    Apr 26. 2015

    Thanks for the video!

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  7. Leanne's Arty Tutorials

    May 08. 2015

    Thanks for this informative video! so helpful to me as im about to start my Younique journey 🙂

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    • Samantha Studebaker-Carl

      May 08. 2015

      Glad you found it useful +Leanne’s Younique Boutique !

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  8. Jennifer A

    Aug 07. 2015

    Thank you for you great advice!

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  9. Ladyaah Beauty

    Feb 02. 2016

    Awesome advice sweetie. I just sign up with Younique in France. Your video is very helpful !

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  10. ginainchicago

    Feb 11. 2016

    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and tips and tricks. You basically put into words exactly what I have experienced during my many years in direct marketing. Although I have taken on different careers I continue to be passionate about sharing things I believe in and am passionate about. I am a Younique Presenter but one with limited investment due to my disability and illness limitations. I continue to share and direct any new comers to my upline. I will continue to view your video to give me a reminder and refresher and share with those whom I would like to inspire. I saved you on my favorites list. God bless you and thank you again.

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  11. Tishauna Shebib

    Apr 06. 2016

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  12. Oksana Gadomska

    Jun 07. 2016

    Thank you, it helped me so much! You’re awesome!

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  13. MarJean Christiansen

    Jun 11. 2016

    Some really helpful information for me to grow my Younique business. I have lots of video but just now set up my YouTube account. I must start uploading today. Thanks.

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  14. degelrae

    Sep 29. 2016

    Provide knowledge, entertainment, or information.

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  15. Deepak Shukla

    Nov 07. 2016

    Nice vid; genuinely like it. Looking forward to seeing some more 🙂

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  16. Unrau Farms

    Jan 05. 2017

    thanx for the video. just joined the younique family myself. subscribed to your channel 🙂

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  17. Sarah Matthews

    Jan 09. 2017

    Just joined Younique a few days ago. thanks for the video.

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    Jan 21. 2017

    thank you for this vid its really helpful

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  19. Brisa Montes

    Apr 19. 2017

    hello Samantha Studebaker carl just finished listening to you video and may I say really great advice plus tips I can not wait to grow more into the buisness as I’m alrealdy busy being a FT mom and  FT job with two different positions at my job n trying to manage this not easy but rewarding thanks and hopw to get great advice as I am already…Can not thank you enough

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  20. Michele Henderson

    Jul 18. 2017

    Very good content. I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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