Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Post On Social Media To Make More Sales

Social Media Marketing Tips: Ways to Post On Social network To Make More Sales *** Download My 5 Facebook Post Ideas here:

In this episode, I share my best social media marketing suggestions that will reveal you the best ways to effectively utilize social media as a platform for getting more direct exposure, leads and sales for your organisation, product and services.

Are you getting the outcomes you desire with your social media marketing method?

Let me guess.

You have a dang good organisation, product and services that you understand your fans are going to definitely want and love.

You publish day and night, anxiously awaiting all those likes, comments and shares you know you’re bound to obtain.

And you wait … and wait … and wait.

However all your getting is … zilch. nada:-LRB- No likes, no remarks, no engagement.

Do not get prevented. A lot of people have no idea how to properly use social media.

In this episode, I’ll be revealing you the best ways to properly utilize social networks as a platform for getting more exposure, leads and sales for your service, product or service.

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In this episode, I share with you some efficient Social Media Marketing Tips that will assist you publish engaging social networks posts. Having a social media marketing strategy is essential for social media promotion. Social media training that doesn’t include social media suggestions will not get you any engagement. You’ll discover ways to do social networks marketing and also how to grow your social networks. This can work for social networks for small business or any type of social networks for business. Growing your business with social media does not have to be made complex. You can use social networks for networking too. If you’re using social networks to grow your service then you need to find out the best ways to produce effective social networks posts. I hope these social networks ideas help you.


36 Responses to “Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Post On Social Media To Make More Sales”

  1. Rodney Bukuya

    Jan 23. 2017

    Brilliant Tanya. Love the use of case studies.

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  2. HealthB4Travel

    Feb 01. 2017

    Great ideas Tanya. I am going to get started.

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  3. Marie-Louise Janneman

    Feb 04. 2017

    You are awesome! So glad I found you.

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  4. Habil Kantur

    Feb 12. 2017

    Thank you for the great tips but how do I reach out to target group companies when working with B2B?

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    • Tanya Aliza

      Feb 21. 2017

      You could search for people that have those companies listed as their employer on FB… some might have connections that could help you get your foot in the door.

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    • Marlet Chadwell

      Mar 14. 2017

      Tanya Aliza

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  5. Diana Dunca

    Feb 19. 2017

    This is so good! I have not been doing the right way, but I’m going to try it. Thank you

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  6. Maria Leone

    Feb 19. 2017

    So resourceful! I manage three worldwide brands on social and these tips you’ve provided are definitely the direction we are going in with our channels.

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    • Tanya Aliza

      Feb 21. 2017

      This is so cool. Thanks for sharing Maria! Keep Rockin it!

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  7. 3PairDesigns

    Mar 26. 2017

    How fun and engaging, not to mention super helpful! Like the line in the iconic “When Harry Met Sally”, ‘I’ll have what she’s having!’ Thank you for the great tips, have subscribed and look forward to your well presented posts 😉

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  8. Brandon Caston

    Mar 29. 2017

    So I have a book waiting to be published, and I to build curiosity before the release date. Would be the best way to do it.

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    • Tanya Aliza

      Apr 02. 2017

      FB Ads and FB Videos…. try to connect with influencers that would have an audience that would love the topic of the book and connect with them to see if you could get some backing and shout outs. Hope this helps and congrats on your Authorship!

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  9. The Cannabis Patient Shop

    Mar 31. 2017

    THANK YOU! Great video and corner 😜

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  10. Harmony Wheeler

    Apr 08. 2017

    Hi Tanya – Here’s my issue with calls to action: I work for a small theatre company that is fairly old fashioned and doesn’t like to post a lot of behind the scenes content for fear of giving too much of the show away. I can post on our social networks with links to reviews and to the show pages with actor bios etc, and that won’t come across as too sales-focused, but most of the time I want to encourage people to buy tickets. I try to use fun language such as come see so and so in this show or here’s an example of a great time at the theatre, but ultimately I still end up saying “visit our website for tickets and information.” How can I make our call to action less sales oriented and more personal without losing those click-throughs?

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    • Tanya Aliza

      Apr 10. 2017

      Hey Harmony… great question. You don’t have to worry about saying ‘Come see our show’. That doesn’t sound too salesy IF you provide a really good benefit that they will get if they do engage and come. You could also put out Birthday or holiday reminders to that are looking for a cool gift to give someone.

      If you’re doing FB ads you can target people in your local area that have birthdays coming up and have an ad that says ‘Looking for something FUN and Unique to do for your Big Birthday?’

      That’s value and people don’t mind being sold if you’re solving a problem they have or helping with with something they want!

      Hope this helps a little and thanks for the question 🙂

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  11. Rolf Weiler

    Apr 28. 2017

    Awesome video

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  12. samuel mburu

    May 03. 2017

    Hi Tanya!I am Samuel I just watched your video and got interested in this business.
    You are talking about prospecting but am new in this.
    What would you advice?
    Should I join a company of somebody else or try to build one and how do I do it.
    Please advice.

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    • Tanya Aliza

      May 08. 2017

      Yes… I would totally recommend finding something to promote and sell that you are passionate about.

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  13. Victor Lee

    May 04. 2017

    sharing and selling your lifestyle to others! Great ideas!

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  14. Leslie Beadles

    May 05. 2017

    Thank you Tanya Aliza! The point about curious and not for selling is most helpful 🙂

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  15. Kendarrius Drummond

    May 21. 2017

    Wow what a remarkable video I’m a beginner or novice entrepreneur and this video has expanded my idealism in relation to social media marketing !

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  16. Mark Tracy

    Jun 07. 2017

    Thank you for all the great information. What app would you suggest to distribute your videos to multiple social media sites at the same time ( facebook, instagram, youtube, etc.) I stumbled accross VidoOctopus for adroid.

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    • Tanya Aliza

      Jun 21. 2017

      You’re welcome! Yes of course…. the more exposure you get for your videos when they are new the better for their ranking. However, also have a way to get exposure for them over time too! Hope this helps Mark.

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  17. Andreas Spyrou

    Jun 09. 2017

    Hi Tanya,great video as always!! Btw,do you have anything to share about twitter?? Thank you

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  18. Gabreil Small

    Jun 13. 2017

    Thank you for your information is truly helpful

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  19. Cory Harris

    Jun 28. 2017

    Great info! Thanks for sharing.

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