Salon Marketing Tips – How to Make More Money for Your Salon & Beauty Business

– Learn 6 Figure Marketing Techniques for Nail Techs and Cosmetologist.

This video covers the best ways to get your hair salon in position to get more clients and make more money. Candace goes into details about your front desk and how it can make or break your business. Listen in as she tells you precisely what you have to do as a Salon Owner or Independent Beauty Tech to grow your company and begin seeing more profits.

If you are having a hard time to market your appeal service, I can show you the best ways to market your charm organisation for success. Learn how to get more clients, make more money and end up being a Leading Charm Tech in the industry.


21 Responses to “Salon Marketing Tips – How to Make More Money for Your Salon & Beauty Business”

  1. starr dawson

    Nov 28. 2013

    How do you feel about booth renting vs commission …which one makes more money

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    • olivia-omc Thompson-otm

      May 01. 2014

      i really want to know the answer to this.

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    • 100ktrainer

      May 02. 2014

      +olivia-omc Thompson-otm +starr dawson Sorry I missed this question, You  can make money doing either. Go getters can make large commissions per say. But why opt for a percentage of what you bring in when you can get the whole amount. If you are a go getter working on commission and doing good with that, you may want to rent a booth at an affordable rate so you can collect 100% of your earnings. If you do the numbers you have to determine if its worth it to rent. I suggest renting when you have a good clientele and after expenses paid you are making way more than your commissions. Also renting is a good option when you want to take control of your business and earning potential. Commissions will limit you. 

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  2. MissDeeSkye

    Feb 25. 2014

    This is great, Thanks so much 🙂 

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  3. olivia-omc Thompson-otm

    May 01. 2014


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  4. Brendan Mace

    Apr 23. 2015

    Saving this URL to watch later

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  5. Liubov Astrelina

    Aug 24. 2015

    Great marketing !

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  6. Myra Saed

    Oct 08. 2015

    great marketing thank you!!!!

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  7. jully kam

    Oct 23. 2015

    Hi. I’m so happy. Can u tell me about plz that people who running salon from home what they do ? Thanks

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  8. Gina GST

    Jan 09. 2016

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Tia Tashika

    Jul 02. 2016

    wonderful tip thank you

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  10. Sofieya Stroozer

    Oct 05. 2016

    great advice!!

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  11. Aprille Cayao

    Jan 25. 2017


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  12. TheCosmoChameleon

    Feb 26. 2017

    Amazing amazing video. I appreciate any dialogue examples like you did here!

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  13. Catrina Tansey

    Mar 03. 2017

    Amazing video!! how to handle a phone call wen client is asking straight forward about price and says she is “shopping around”?

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    • Pranay Khimasiya

      Jul 08. 2017

      Tell dem’ have a visit our best stylist ll check ur hairs( so & so service name) and let u knw thats the best for ur hair texture

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  14. Tyffani Gresham

    Mar 14. 2017

    This is GREAT and very true. I have had not so great receptionist.

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  15. Shirley Compaore

    Apr 28. 2017

    Great video!! I want to open a spa and this applies as well.

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