Marketing Tips – Part 1 of 3 –

Eben Pagan, Founder of The Altitude Training Program, reveals three mindsets for making money and talks about specific marketing methods he has used to grow his own company. For more information and more free training videos, go to


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  1. Ricardo Rosa

    Jan 28. 2014

    this guy is a genius.

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  2. echolocs

    Mar 08. 2014

    There are many things in these videos that are thought provoking. The way its presented with Eben as a central focal point with a black background. Using a story to convey and set the tone as well as the more subtle things like open loops and cliffhangers at each video to ensure people watch the next videos.

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  3. Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning

    Jun 16. 2014

    Eben Pagan is the Master

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