Landscaping & Window Cleaning Marketing Tips- Shirts-Business Cards

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When you're getting your company off the ground, here are some wise low-cost pointers concerning having the proper mindset and looking like a professional.

The Landscaping Worker Trap.

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21 Responses to “Landscaping & Window Cleaning Marketing Tips- Shirts-Business Cards”

  1. Matt Steffler

    Aug 24. 2014

    Who do you get your shirts from?

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  2. Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning

    Aug 24. 2014

    EA Graphics here in Michigan

    About $14 per shirt

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  3. Joey Rojas

    Nov 19. 2014

    2015 will be my second year and you got me pumped all over again! SUPER PUMPED!

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    • Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning

      Nov 20. 2014

      that’s badass.
      go get that money sonny.

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  4. fireflyfields

    Dec 07. 2014

    thanks man! good tips!

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  5. Mustang shelby

    Feb 17. 2015

    Hey Kieth if you don’t mind what is your email address. ??

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  6. Greener Gardens

    Feb 18. 2015

    Hi steve here from Austraila.
    Very interested in the window filtering system.
    Where do you buy them.

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  7. JesusRivasify

    Mar 26. 2015

    Im excited. Planning on starting something here in northern Illinois. Thanks for your advice!

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  8. ndleinahaystack

    Apr 04. 2015

    You do look professional my friend… you look like you know what you’re doing just by your presentation.

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  9. JD

    Aug 14. 2015

    Your a terrific motivator Keith, thats a real skill…… 
    Bet you annoy the hell outta your wife though, with that camera! ;-0

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  10. Lone Wanderer

    Sep 01. 2015

    makes sense

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  11. Mower Man

    Sep 06. 2015

    Great advice! Thanks!

    This is one department I could use a ton of improvement in. I need to get some printed shirts ASAP. I just put a sign on the side of my trailer this year, but still need a bigger/better one.

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  12. JC Fence

    Feb 01. 2016

    15 bucks for that polo printed not a chance try like 35 or 40

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  13. Lorenzo Herrera

    Feb 13. 2016

    Thanks for your time making these videos man they have great information good job.

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  14. Chandler Rost

    Mar 16. 2016

    Hey Keith, I’ve seen you in your printed business polyester jersey styled tank tops before in other videos. How much did it cost for you to print these? Where did you get the mesh tank tops printed at? Were they harder to come across or print on? I love wearing tanks, but they usually dont look professional, but yours looked very professional. Let me know man, I appreciate everything you do for us here in the youtube world. Peace Brother. Thanks

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  15. Hedge King

    Mar 19. 2016

    So true

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  16. Moe Banner

    May 31. 2016

    you’re awesome dude good stuff

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  17. Raymond McConnon

    Oct 21. 2016


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