How to Market Yourself as a New Real Estate Agent

Video responding to the popular concern "How do I market myself if I'm a brand-new agent and do not have a performance history to back me up?"

# 1 – Connect to your personal circle for recommendations
# 2 – Use your company/office/team's track record
# 3 – Co-list with another representative

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30 Responses to “How to Market Yourself as a New Real Estate Agent”

  1. Patti Raithel

    Aug 15. 2016

    My friend from Century 21 has been asking me to consider becoming an agent in her office.  I know she would help me anyway she could , it is just a scary decision.  Thank you for your advice. Just subscribed.

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    • Kevin Lopez

      Dec 08. 2016

      Patti Raithel you’ll like it once you learn the ropes of the industry

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    • Useless Knowledge

      Feb 02. 2017

      Me to I’m in the same situation. I have been doing a lot of Shadowing with my friend on my days off. It helps.

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    Sep 04. 2016

    When i get my license i am gonna buy you a castle.!! MMASSSOTA.!!!!

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  3. Mohammed Siddiq

    Sep 29. 2016

    hi I started my real estate business last month but I am struggling for listing and leads can u help me out. how to generate

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  4. Andrew Chavarria

    Oct 27. 2016

    Thank you so much for this video.

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  5. Troy Dean

    Oct 31. 2016

    holy beautiful 💯✌😎

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  6. Julia Turner

    Nov 12. 2016

    Well said!!

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  7. Jake Sung

    Dec 16. 2016

    Such a good tip for new agents. Thank you so much! I became a new agent this year, I am telling you it was tough year. I almost quit at some point, but I asked myself, Was I really dedicated to this job to succeed? And I answered “No”. I was doing bunch of things besides real estate. My focus wasn’t on it. I just wanted to someone to contact me and give me a job basically and complained. Now I see why most of agents fail in this business. But now I am looking this job totally differently, I will be working as hard as it gets. I will have to put myself out of comfort zone, Hustle and hustle!! Prospect and Study this business!!! I love I found your videos, such helpful and inspiring. Thank you!

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    • Susie Bear33

      Apr 06. 2017

      Loida Velasquez okay what do you tell people that are adopted that have no family and very little friends

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    • Maria DeArman

      Apr 27. 2017

      Hi Susie, to meet new people, they can start: volunteering regularly (once a week for an hour or 2) in their church, be active in their community (read local newspaper for groups looking for volunteers), when going out to do errands, dress nicely and wear your name badge. Ask fellow agents if you can do open houses for them. Unfortunately, you have to regularly put yourself out there to get leads, and don’t forget to have a few business cards with you. Be ready with your “elevator speech!”

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    • Martin Hobelman

      Jun 29. 2017

      Definitely adopt a strong digital marketing strategy. Getting your market to know, liked and trust you is 80% of the battle to being successful. Some agents choose to do it one person at a time by door knocking or cold calling. I prefer to do it at scale using Facebook and Instagram. You get more reach for less effort. I’d say any agent looking to still be in business the next 2,3,4 years HAS to take online marketing extremely serious.

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  8. Vince Garcia

    Jan 09. 2017

    She’s hott 🔥

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  9. Shehar Yar

    Jan 29. 2017

    Ma’am, I appreciate the way you describe everything in this short video clip (y) Um new in this field n hope this gonna help me a lot. Thanks

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  10. John Boyd

    Feb 02. 2017

    What are your thoughts on sending letters/marketing information to expired/withdrawn listings ?

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  11. Joe Thomas

    Feb 17. 2017

    Hi – I got an email from a buyer I’m spending a lot of time with and he out of the blue asked if I can give him 50% rebate. How do I handle this? I’ve spent so much time with him. It’s kind of insulting I think

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  12. Johnney Baghramian

    Mar 02. 2017

    Thank you for the video and the info! Great intro to new agents!

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  13. Christine Green

    Mar 05. 2017

    You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for your videos

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  14. FAB 83

    Mar 06. 2017

    hottest Realtor I have seen!!

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  15. Reggie Williams

    Mar 22. 2017

    yes in the process of getting my real estate license online how do you deal with the people thats saying real estate is down i wouldn’t do that if i was you

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    • Loida Velasquez

      Mar 22. 2017

      +Reggie Williams don’t listen them…specially if they tell you the market is down lol. Everyone will have their own opinion when they have never been in the business or don’t know a single thing about it. Mirror and do what successful people have done. It’s not going to be easy, but just see how those same people act when they see you succeed and you prove them wrong.

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  16. Ernie Robinson

    Mar 24. 2017

    Just got my license yesterday and your advice is fantastic!…Makes total sense…will do and I’ll keep in touch…Thank you so much!

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  17. Chris

    Apr 02. 2017

    I just got a client that I met at the mall, and I’m still not an agent.. 😂 My interview with Keller Williams is next week..

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  18. val coleman

    May 29. 2017

    Hi Loida Thanks for sharing very helpful.

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  19. Lost_In_NorCal

    Jun 13. 2017

    Hello Loida, Thanks for making these vids, they are so helpful. I am  new agent, been with a broker for 3 weeks now, and in my 3 weeks I have came close to having deals on 4 different occasions. My first deal turned into a back up offer because it went pending on my cash buyer 1 hour before they got our offer, and that went no where , my second deal was a multi-family vacant lot that the day I was entering I into the MLS the seller decided he wanted to wait till next year to make more money, then 2 days later I was going out to put my sign up at what was then going to be my first listing, when the homeowner ran out and said he changed his mind. He was worried I would sell his house and we wouldn’t be able to find him the perfect house to purchase. He was a older man (71) and not having a home lined up for him gave him anxiety.  That one hurt, the plan was to sell his house ($400k) and his 5 acres next door ($150k) and then he would buy a new house a little higher up the mountain for approx. ($350k). So many so close. Well today I finally got my first sign up officially, on another vacant lot ($250k but at least my commission is 10%) but land sales are slow…so….its a long shot. But you and Bryans vids gave me the motivation to search out all the leads (craigslist fsbo’s).

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  20. Integrity Surveying Ltd

    Jul 17. 2017

    Thank you so much!

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