How To Change Your YouTube Channel URL 2013 | YouTube Marketing Tips

~ How To Modification Your YouTube Channel URL 2013 – YouTube Marketing Tips

Ways to Change YouTube Channel Call:


14 Responses to “How To Change Your YouTube Channel URL 2013 | YouTube Marketing Tips”

  1. Zurkies

    Nov 13. 2013

    Thank you

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  2. Anonymous

    Dec 28. 2013

    Does this work still?

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  3. DokuToku 【独トク】

    Feb 23. 2014

    Can I change my URL when I created my YouTube channel before the Google+ page requirement?
    Because I don’t find that option in my YouTube settings…

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    • Raegwyn Soloing

      Apr 03. 2014

      got the same problem tell me pls if you found a solution

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    • DokuToku 【独トク】

      Apr 09. 2014

      +Raegwyn Soloing
      nope, no solution. Can’t change it.
      Until maybe Google decides to implement that option. Which won’t ever happen I guess…

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    • Raegwyn Soloing

      Apr 10. 2014

      well thats google how we like them thx for answer anyways

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    • Craze Pure

      May 11. 2014

      Same here Dude! 🙁

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    • Maniac Gaming

      May 12. 2014

      You can!

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  4. Boston Budz

    Feb 25. 2014

    Thank you so much this was driving me crazy I finally have a custom URL. I went to YouTube Settings and then went to “Advanced Settings” under my name and it gave me the option I didnt have to disconnect my google account.

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  5. Megaman14plays

    Mar 07. 2014

    Thx a lot you helped a lot

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  6. BagoStunts

    Mar 11. 2014

    Thx You helped me…I only needed to make a custom link to my channel 😀

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  7. Patrick Fragel

    May 14. 2014

    Thank you, that was very helpful ……

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  8. BritishSurvival Bushcrafter

    Jun 05. 2014

    lol youtube is smart? i have 8 accounts

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  9. Herb Butler

    Jan 11. 2015

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