25 Instagram Marketing Tips

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Instagram might be a mobile social networks platfrom, but is becoming one of the very best tools for developing complimentary leads for your company. We reside in a visual world filled with videos and pictures being shared every second of daily and barely anyone is in fact turning that into company income.

Here are my top 25 Intagram marketing pointers for company:

1. Ensure you have a good profile picture when developing your account. It ought to be a good shot of your face or your business's brand.

2. Your username ought to be basic and unforgettable. Whether you are using Instagram to market your very own brand name or your business, use that name in your username.

3. Make the effort to write an excellent description for your profile. Discuss exactly what you do or your business does, and also keep it casual and possibly mention some your hobbies as well.

4. Among the most vital parts of marketing on social media sites like Instagram, is having your link present. Whether you want interested people to go to a blog, capture page, etc., have that in your profile for them to easily go to.

5. The results include consistency. Post a minimum of one photo a day if you are truly committed to obtaining results with this platform. You never know when the best potential customers will see your posts.

6. Make appropriate usage of #hashtags in your Instagram post descriptions. Use as many popular and associated hashtags as possible to obtain as many eyeballs on your images as possible.

7. Tie your social media profiles together to produce a motion. Connect your Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr to be able to post on 4 different sites at the exact same time and drive massive quantities of traffic.

8. Individuals dislike spam! Do not even think about posting on this website if all you're going to do is speak about you and earning money. Add some value to your posts!

9. There are numerous apps that can really assist you manage your account. Among my favorite ones is Followers+. It will assist you see the appeal of your account and who is and isn't following you back.

10. Get the Follow Mate app too. This will assist you really manage your fans and discover new individuals to connect with in a lot easier method.

11. Download the Instaquote app. This will assist you modify photos prior to publishing them, so you can include quotes, remarks, branding, url's, and so on

12. Considering that you cannot actually put active links in the description of Instagram posts and make them clickable for people, put the URL you want them to go to plainly on the photo itself. This will aid with traffic and lead conversions.

13. One method to build a larger audience on this app is to follow individuals everyday. Specifically, I would recommend following around 50 people per day then utilizing apps like Follow Mate and Followers+ to handle who gets in touch with you and who doesn't. Do not follow a great deal of people that aren't interested in following you back. Use the apps to unfollow those individuals once or twice a week.

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  1. Trust Tee

    Nov 29. 2014

    thank you for the help.

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  2. AdventurousAndersons

    Dec 13. 2014

    Really enjoyed your tips, thank you!

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  3. Fabrizio Poli

    Mar 12. 2015

    useful, now let’s give it a go.  You can follow me on instagram: tyruswings

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  4. DesignDrawCAD

    Aug 06. 2015

    Nice intro to it all, thank you!
    thatsrightratsojewellery (on instagram, of course!)

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    • DesignDrawCAD

      Aug 06. 2015

      +DesignDrawCAD Also great because you got on with it, packed a lot of info in, a good use of my time.

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    • Macdonalder655

      Sep 18. 2015

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  5. Gold Coast New Zealand...It's Different!

    Aug 29. 2015

    well i went to your website and was about to register when a window opened offering me a gift in exchange for my email. So i decided to do it. Then another web page opened with an offer to make big money on the internet if i paid a subscription fee. You lost all your credibility at this point with me. And I was drawn away from your website. I was distracted from connecting with you and you dissapointed me just when your video had built some trust. Get rid of that distractor and you might get more leads

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    • Andre587857

      Sep 14. 2015

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  6. jdareyah

    Sep 27. 2015

    Hashtag your pics in the description. I built a page to 32k followers in 3 months simply hash tagging about 15-25 keyword per post. The same works on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus and Tumblr. I built my profile for business, using hash tags.
    And also cross promote your post on the different social media pages. post your instagram on Facebook and/or twitter, that way your twitter/facebook followers will follow your Instagram and vice versa.

    Hash tagging is how people find you when they are searching on these platforms. And the key is to hash tag words the people are searching for, but not too many people are hash tagging them. If the word has over 250k hash tags associated with it, then it will be hard to find in the search results. Most people hash tag words that are too popular used, or they hash tag word no body is looking for, and only they know, therefore it dont work for them

    Also the main thing is too have interesting/entertaining post, no one want to follower your boring page, especially if they dont know you/ or of you

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  7. Dave

    Nov 10. 2015

    You really dont want to link all your social media to one. Bad idea

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  10. DOGTAG

    Jan 28. 2016

    thanks and one thing … the following people and waiting to see if they follow me back … how am i gunna keep track of the people i followed, and when they didn’t follow me back i unfollowed them, because maybe i will refollow those same people because i am surfing similar crowds ??

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  11. Lokeybeats Instrumentals

    Feb 20. 2016

    Thanks for the tips, I guess posting once a day really makes a difference

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    May 23. 2016

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    I just think that you really need to improve yours sound quality because it’s not really good.
    If you invest so much time in make youre videos so good so why don’t you make the sound of them good also ?

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    Jun 14. 2016

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    Apr 29. 2017

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