12 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners & Marketers

Social Media Strategist, Sarah Mincher, presents 12 Twitter marketing ideas targeted at growing and optimizing your small company Twitter account. See for more!


18 Responses to “12 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners & Marketers”

  1. Avery Cheshire

    Jan 21. 2015

    Exactly. This particular video is very informative for me. Thanks! By the way I am a video marketer, and I use youtube to get traffic. Do you want to learn how? You can visit my channel on youtube to find out more on how to become an expert video marketer and dominate your niche.

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  2. james larkin

    Nov 03. 2015

    hi do you have any idea how i can find a twitter users who are also therapists ?

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    • Mike Wolpert

      Mar 04. 2016

      +james larkin it’s easy to search Twitter for terms, people of hashtags. There is a magnifying glass at the top of your profile that will take you to search. Look for other well known therapists and follow them, or search by keyword and see those results. hope that helps 🙂

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  3. atchut neelam

    Feb 01. 2016

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    Feb 05. 2016

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  5. seith jackson

    Mar 08. 2016

    recommend a twitter bot for you

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  6. Lilia Letitgo Sinclair

    Mar 08. 2016

    Great thanks, fast and effective! Cheers Lilia

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  7. ePrivatePay

    Mar 26. 2016

    Excellent – concise, easy to follow, valuable info. Thanks

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  8. Arun Jayakaran

    Aug 27. 2016

    Sarah your 12 tips were really useful, thanks for sharing.

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  9. MUSIKRant Productions

    Oct 04. 2016

    Thank you for all you do! This video was so helpful.

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  10. Marty Java

    Nov 11. 2016

    So far…THE MOST HELPFUL and INFORMATIVE vidoe on twitter marketing. Excellent production with no waffle. Just straight to the point. Well Done Sarah Mincher.

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  11. Tony James

    Jan 02. 2017

    Excellent video – good points, clearly explained with no fluff – well done Sarah!

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  12. Mehran Baloch

    Jan 23. 2017

    Yeah, a great video on twitter intro, great job Sarah. Cheers

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  13. April Anderson

    Jan 29. 2017

    great info!

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    Feb 05. 2017

    coooolest voice

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  15. Total Joint Fitness LLC

    Apr 29. 2017

    Thank You for the information, well received and to the point.

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